Twin Tip: Personalized Baby Items

This is a solid piece of advice and NOBODY told me it!! Seriously ya’ll, If you are having twins (especially identical) get a few personalized items! My biggest regret of being in the hospital was not getting our Blush and Blue Swaddles and  our KalandCo Onesies SOONER. I hate admitting it, but I totally mixed up my boys in the hospital. They were all swaddled with their hats on the whole time it was so hard to tell. We kept their bracelets on them for a few days when we got home so we wouldn’t mix them up. Obviously, we can tell them apart now that we know our little boys spirits better but personalized items sure would have been helpful.

Even if you know your babies apart now, others won’t. Trust me. I always feel a little bad when I have to correct someone who is super confident in telling our babies apart and they are actually wrong.

A few ideas for personalized items are:

  • Hats
  • Onesies with their name or initials
  • Blankets
  • Bibs
  • Car seat cover
  • Shoes (yes! There is shoes)

Also, I can’t finish this post without giving KalandCo LLC a shout-out for these onesies. I was sent the sketch for the onesie and it was so fun to see them come to life! Why was I not blessed with the artistic gift?! Check out their Etsy shop here.