Twin Tip: Get all the help you can get

Some of the best advice about motherhood I’ve ever got was from my Mom. Go figure? She told me as soon as the babies were born to do whatever helps me enjoy motherhood. From the way I choose to feed my boys, nap time, dressing them, etc. If it helps me to enjoy my babies, I do it!

It’s been humbling at times to still be living with my parents. It’s definitely not how I pictured my life! But looking back, being here has helped me enjoy motherhood 10000x more. Having twins is no easy task! But I know I have been so blessed with extra hands to help and extra hearts to love my boys. I can barely bathe my boys without some form of help! I truly wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Sometimes things seem long and hard in the moment but in retrospect you can see how you were exactly where you needed to be.

I think sometimes as women we feel like we have to prove to ourselves and everyone else that we can do it all but I am realizing how hard and lonely that can be. The last few weeks we’ve had even extra hands with some of my best friends coming to visit. I am just reminded over and over how it truly takes a village to raise babies.

Soon Jordan and I will be off on our own (VERY SOON!) I know I will enjoy the freedom that will come with our own place but I am SURE I will miss these times in our little garage with all the extra help we are getting.

I will never wish that we didn’t start our journey of parenthood in my parents garage. I think it’s a pretty cool story and I’m really hoping my boys will too!

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