Taking your Twins to Disneyland

Something that has never set right with me is when people tell you to wait to have babies because there are so many things you need to do BEFORE you have kids. You need to go on more vacations, save more money, have more fun, etc. Whether you choose to wait or you choose to have kids at a young age should 100% be your own. I decided the day we found out we were pregnant that I was going to only let my babies enrich our lives and that I would never resent them for the vacations I never got to go on. I also decided that I wasn’t going to stop living just because I had babies. Why can’t they come along for the ride? I have found that Jax and Indy are SO EASY to take out 99% of the time (today was the first day in a long time that they cried a lot while we were out but I’m gonna blame the teething and let it slide.)

We took the boys with us to Disneyland for my sisters birthday and they were amazing. They took great naps and loved seeing all the colors and hearing all the music. There were definitely a few things that were different having the boys but it was 100% worth it! I wanted to share a few tips on what helped us enjoy the day!

1. Go to this Crowd tracker website and choose a day that isn’t going to be crowded. It’s never fun going on a busy day and I can guarantee it will be so stressful bringing a stroller too! We went on one of the slower days at Disney and it was so much easier to walk around. Plus, who doesn’t love short lines?

2. Try not to hop back and forth from park to park. If you are hitting both parks in the same day, go to one park the first half of the day and one Park the second half. Between carrying the babies and pushing the stroller, you need to save your energy! You definitely don’t want to be exhausted by 3 PM.

3. Work your day around the fastpasses and when you don’t have a fastpass, get a stroller pass! Whoever stays back with the babies can get their ticket scanned while you wait for everyone else to ride the ride. When they come back, you get an automatic fastpass to the front of the line!

4. Enjoy other parts of Disneyland that you haven’t in a while. I am not one to stop and smell the roses while at Disney. I am usually running from ride to ride to fit in as many as I can! But we had to take our time a bit more and it was so fun! We took pictures with Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore and it was my favorite part of the day watching my babies reach out to feel their soft fur. I haven’t stopped for a character since 5th grade when McCall and I thought it was cool to dress in matching outfits that consisted of leggings, jean skirts and a vest.

5. Pack everything the night before and do a double check before you leave! You definitely have to bring a lot of extra things with babies but it really wasn’t a big deal. I double checked everything was packed in the morning and it was honestly a pretty non-stress day. (Except when we realized we left our sandwiches in the car when we were on the tram to the park). 6. ENJOY IT!! So you might have to slow down and you might not get on every ride you hoped, but the magic of Disney is for everyone! It was so worth it. My boys might not remember the day but I will for forever and I have 19473838479 photos to prove it๐Ÿ’™<<<<<<<