Our Love Story

One year ago today, you became mine. I tricked you into coming on a hike with me and I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited. You let me have shot gun on the way there and on the way back. You put my finger print in your phone. My hopes were high that you might love me too.

You played my silly games of “if you were stuck on an island what would you bring?”
You replied, “a gun, my scriptures, and my wife.”
I’m lucky that’s now me.
 You asked me if I had plans for the rest of the day. I quickly said no. You invited me over. I anxiously said yes.
I was afraid our first moments alone might be weird but they weren’t.
You laughed at my jokes.
You let me watch my mermaid shows.
We kissed.
We both knew were this was going.
We’ve been inseparable ever since.
 I was nervous to meet your family but you kept me close.
I fell in love with your dogs and your brothers.
I’m so happy they are my dog and brothers now too.
 Our weekly walks and star gazing are some of my favorite memories.
We had only been dating for a few weeks but it felt like I had loved you forever.
You worked all day in construction. You were tired but you were always mine at night.
Institute. Aztec runs. Movie nights.
I usually fell asleep but you didn’t care.
We’ve celebrated birthdays and holidays.
I dream of having our own little family and celebrating these days with them too.
Our first road trip. You came to met me in St. George.
We drove up to Draper for a homecoming and drove all the way home to California the next day.
I remember thinking, “with anyone else this would be the longest drive ever”
but not with you.
I was almost sad it was over.
 Camping trips
 Lots and lots of beach days
Weekly temple trips
and so many date nights later
You took me to my favorite place in the world.
You saved your money and you took me there because you knew that was my dream proposal.
I always heard after 3 seasons and a road trip you can get engaged.
 We did just that.

 Thank you for looking at me like you do.
For hanging out with me and my friends.
For doing the dishes.
For making the bed.
For still laughing at my jokes.
We sometimes disagree
and are obviously far from perfect
but I wouldn’t want to love anyone else.

Thanks for saying “yes” to me.

For letting me be apart of your family.
I love you more than I love doughnuts and you love Tapatio.
Happy anniversary!