Monthly Must-haves: 5 months

Another month has flown by! It’s so true that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. My little premature babies are getting so big and their personalities are even bigger! Jax was cracking me up today playing with his light up fire truck in his walker. As soon as I would set it down, he would throw it off! How does he even know how to do that?! I love this age because every day something new happens. It’s magic! That doesn’t mean that we don’t have some long days and some reeeaaallly long nights but it’s 100000% worth it for my guys.

A few things this month that I have found essential!

1. A humidifier. The boys got pretty sick this month and were so congested they could barely breathe. It was the first time they’ve been sick so I felt super worried. I ran to the store late one night out of total desperation and it was so worth it! The humidifier helped so much. It’s definitely going to be a staple in our home.

2. Walkers. The boys are getting really good at holding their heads up and I love putting them both in them. It’s basically like baby bumper cars! I have noticed them get stronger and stronger in them too. Definitely another must-have!

3. Pillow for their heads. The boys started getting a little bit of a flat head. They sleep from 7-8ish plus naps so that’s a lot of time on their heads! I started putting them on this pillow during the day and at naps when I could supervise. I definitely think it helped! (No one warned me about flat heads so here is yours!)

4. Nose Frida. Why we ever used those little bulbs from the hospital that suck snot, I’ll never know. The nose frida is THE simplest little gadget that works wonders. I understand why some moms are freaked out to use it though. You essentially suck through a straw that is attached to a little tube that goes into your babies nose. I can assure you that I have never gotten any snot in my mouth. There is a little sponge that stops that from happeningšŸ˜‚. This was another huge life savor when the boys were sick!

5. Jax and Indy are loving toys!! This has been one of those moments I have been waiting for. It’s so fun to watch them reach for things and get excited when their little butterfly lights up.

Like I said 5 months is SO FUN. They are getting out of that newborn phase and coming alive!

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