Monthly Must-haves: 4 Months Old

My boys are 4 months?! Time flies! And I feel so proud of myself for keeping my nuggets alive (kidding mostly) Being a mom isn’t for the weak. It’s given me such appreciation for every mom in the world. In just a couple months I have realized how selfish I am! I am grateful for my babies for teaching me that their is so much more to life then Mexican food and the Bachelor.

I also want to reassure you that each month you need less and less. There are a few things I noticed I needed this month but not nearly as many things as the month before.

1. Footie pajamas. The boys have graduated from their swaddles! I went back and forth on whether or not I was going to make it a slow process or a fast one and I decided I would rather have one or two long nights then slowly transition them out of the swaddle. We did have those rough nights but my back hurts a lot less from leaning over to swaddle them every night and I think they sleep better without them. But being without the swaddle means they aren’t quite as warm so footie pajamas are a must! I don’t even touch the pajamas without feet anymore. We have a heater that you can adjust the Temperature and that helps keep them warm too! Almost all our jammies are from wal-mart.They are only $5 and so cute!

2. Bibs with plastic on the back. It was right around 4 months that the boys really started to drool. They can barely go an hour without their shirts being soaked. I keep waiting for their teeth to come in but until then, the bibs with the plastic on the back so their clothes aren’t sapping wet are a must!

3. Sleep. Just a friendly reminder that the four month sleep regression may be coming your way. Sleep while you can, girl! I thought waking up twice a night was hard but I was so. so. wrong.

4. A Planner. It was around 4 months when I realized that I needed to plan my days better so that I could still get things done and take care of my babies. During their 4th month, my boys were more able to just hang out for a minute and didn’t need to be constantly held. I love the “family planner” app and will probably go back to it at some point but I was feeling the need to write things down more so I’m using a paper planner this year. I love feeling productive and like I’m accomplishing something so a planner is a must.

5. A crib. My boys were sleeping in a bassinet and I made the transition to the crib in month 4. I guessing I just like to rip things off like a bandaid and made the transition fast! Instead of having them start by sleeping in the crib during their nap time and slowly moving them to nights I just cut them from their bassinets cold turkey. It was a big sacrifice because they were sleeping in their bassinets from 8-5 and they aren’t quite there yet with their cribs. Their bassinets were contributing to their flat heads so we didn’t have too much of a choice!

6. Lots of love. I noticed that the boys have started to become more and more soothed by Jordan and I’s voice and touch. They love when we talk with them, play with them and pat their belly’s when they are going to sleep. It is seriously the most magical thing to have someone (we get two someones) react so sweetly to just you being their.

That’s it for month four! I’d love to know what your must-haves are for your babies. Comment below!