The Joy of Marriage and Family



The world often makes marriage and family look anything but appealing. There are a million reason why someone shouldn’t get married or start a family. I mean, think about it! Who wants their world to revolve around someone else. Let me name a few reasons why you should never get married or start a family.

When you are married

– You have less money to spend on yourself. You want the new outfit? Forget it! So does your spouse and you just won’t have enough for both of you to get new clothes.

– You want to watch Hallmark Christmas movies but he wants to watch The Office.

-You want to go to the store by yourself but he has to go to the gym.

-You are craving a Big Mac and he just has to have his Carne Asada burrito (actually Jordan and I have almost the same taste buds so this doesn’t happen to us as often, but I imagine it happens to other couples)

-You sometimes have to watch movies you don’t care about. You absolutely have to watch the new Thor movie because it is going to be the best Marvel movie ever created, right? You probably heard that when the new Spider-man movie came out.

-You have to share the covers in bed. Not only do you have to share covers, but you have to be sensitive to what KIND of covers they are. So long to that super warm comforter you had. You will now be sleeping with quilts. and did you know how important it is that your pillows do not get switched? Spare yourself some heartache and never try and take his pillow.

-You have to give your spouse bites of your food even when you don’t want to (sorry Jordan!)

– You have less time for yourself. Showers may come. Or they might not. You might brush your teeth or you might not want to move from off your bed.

-You have to make someone else happy for the rest of your life. Your life is no longer just for you. It is for him. It is for your little ones. It is for everyone else. Their needs come first usually. and maybe at the end of the day you might get to take a breath.

When you have a family

-You get less sleep. Oh, you will get way less sleep. and even when you get a descent amount of sleep, you still feel tired. No nap can help you feel rested. You will be up late. You will be up long. You might even be awake longer during the night then you are asleep.

-You spend even more money. Diapers, wipes, formula, new outfits every few months because babies grow FAST and they puke on everything.

-Your body gets wrecked from growing a child in your body. You will stretch, you will tear, you will not recognize your body.

-You have less time to get ready for the day. You have 5 minutes. That’s it. Then a baby will wake up from their nap or need to eat or know that you are trying to get something done and they won’t like that.

– You get pee on your clothes.

-You get poop on your clothes.

– You get spit up in your hair. And you won’t be able to shower it out or at least 2 days.

– You can’t go anywhere without taking 10 hours to get ready for it. Why even go anywhere, you know?

– It’s hard to fit in exercise because lets be honest, you are constantly moving all day long trying to keep your baby alive.

-You have to stop whatever your doing to feed or change your children. It might be on a patch of grass, it might be on a sketchy changing table or down an alley that had a bench to sit on. There is no telling.

So Why WHY WHY would anyone in their right mind get married and have kids when it’s basically wishing the life as you know it goodbye?

I’ll tell you.

Does anything good ever come easy? Isn’t anything worth it take a little sacrifice?

Do you truly want to live a life revolving around you?

I don’t. Because then I just feel gross and selfish and unhappy.

Do you want a lifelong best friend? a partner in crime. a #1 fan.

Do you want to watch your own tiny little nuggets grow and learn and experience your living room like it’s the best place they have ever been.

Just tonight, Jordan and I had gotten home from a night out and were laying on our bed with our boys. This is my favorite thing in the world to do, to just cuddle together and stare at these little guys who are half me and half the man I love. We were taking selfies and my heart just filled with pure JOY. It felt so good. Just being together.

Then an hour later I was giving Jax a bath. I was pouring water on him and making him smile and out of no where he laughed! A full on belly laugh. I cried. I have literally been waiting for the day these boys let out a real laugh. It was in the top 5 best moments of my life.

I love them more then I could ever love anything else.

I could be doing nothing with them yet I am doing EVERYTHING that I am meant to be doing.

How does that even work?

When you loose yourself serving others, you will truly find yourself.

The family teaches you to rely on God. To turn to him when you don’t know what else to do (and trust me, there are many times I don’t know what I am doing raising two boys). It teaches you to share, to work hard, to be clean, to serve.

When I am ready to face God, I hope I can say that I learned all of those things.

What better way to learn them then with those you love so deeply?

Being married can take a lot of work and it’s true! You’ll probably have to share a bite of your burrito and watch movies you  could care less about but that’s such a small price to pay for the Joy they can bring you.

I’m begging you not to listen to the world that being married and having a family is a thing of the past.

It’s a lie.

Nothing will make you happier if you let it.