About Us-The Parkers

We’re the Parkers.

I am Olivia. My husband is Jordan. Our babies are Jax and Indy.

Jordan and I met in Jacksonville, Florida serving full-time missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hence the name Jax.

Jordan proposed at Disneyland where my favorite ride is Indiana Jones. Hence the name Indy. Jk. That’s not why we named him Indy but Jordan told me we can tell him that so he feels like his name is sentimental too. My favorite ride really is Indians JonesĀ  and he did propose at Disneyland so it’s not a total fib, right?

We currently live in California.

We love swimming (I lived in the water while pregnant), mexican food, and taking naps but that doesn’t happen quite as often anymore!

I’m a huge believer in documenting life. I love writing in my journal, taking pictures of my family and making sure we have a record that can live on well past our own lives.

I’ve been so inspired by other moms who have opened up their lives as I have prepared for motherhood and life with twins and hope to give a little peak into how we are making it work (the good and the ugly) Baby life is soooo glamorous. I’m sure you all can relate. Ha!


Twin mom


Jax and Indy