Enjoying the Routine

Having babies come into my life has been an adjustment. I can no longer do what I want when I want because there really is no telling what the boys will be needing! (I am totally okay with it, but it’s still been an adjustment!)  I am pretty strict on their feeding schedule and try to be a little more lenient on their nap schedules because I want babies that are flexible when going out in public. So far so good! I can take them almost anywhere! Regardless of how “strict” you are on their schedule, it seems that most moms have a pretty regular routine with their babies.

Anytime I have a change in my routine I need a little bit of an adjustment period. The first 2 months were mostly survival mode-meaning I did what my boys needed when they needed it. We spent most of our time in the living room. They slept so much of the day so they took their naps on the boppy or in my arms. Once they moved to 2 naps a day, I started napping them in their bassinets in a room where I could blast the white noise and shut the door. Slowly we have started to get into a routine.

I find that sometimes a routine can feel mundane and repetitive and maybe a little boring?

My days generally look like this:

Wake up around 8

Feed the boys

Go on a walk

Nap time for boys

Get ready

Feed boys

Watch a Hallmark movie

Nap time for boys

Feed boys

Eat dinner

Bathe/Get boys ready for bed

Feed boys

Put boys down around 8

Go to bed around 10:30

Feed boys around 4 a.m.


Today I was listening to an awesome podcast while on my walk by Gretchen Rubin. She is the Author of The Happiness Project. She has a Podcast with her sister, and in Episode 143 they talk about why you should say “down with boredom”. Her sisters goal was to try and enjoy doing the dishes instead of being bored while doing them. She realized this was just a part of having a home and that she could learn to appreciate it and use it for meditation or a minute to herself. Whether your goal is to make life more exciting or to make “boring” to-do’s more fulfilling, you can truly enjoy every aspect of your life and take control over whether or not you are bored.

I am not suggesting that every day has to be action packed with check lists and busy schedules in order to not feel bored or that being “bored” is wrong. I just like that no matter what you have going on in your life, no matter what your routine is, you can make it feel important and purposeful-even if it is just doing the dishes!

I love this! and this podcast came at the perfect time. The boys are out of the newborn phase and are becoming a little more independent. I am starting to feel like I can accomplish a little more during the day and that I can stay on top of my “every day” duties better (laundry, getting ready, studying the scriptures better, etc). I want to really enjoy my new role as mom and not get stuck in a rut. I am inspired to set goals, plan my days with things that are purposeful, and ENJOY being my guys number one girl.

I love the “Family Organizer” app. It is a free planner that you can sync with other family members. I made Jordan get it on his phone so he can keep track of the boys appointments. It is awesome! It has a check-list, Journal, Shopping list, and recipe section and notes you can add each day (Omg. While in the middle of writing this post I did an update to it and they added a budget section!!! Literally the only thing it was missing). I started using Sunday night as my planning night. I write down appointments, what I am going to listen to on my walks, errands I have to run, shows I want to watch (Dancing with the Stars finale deserved a spot in my schedule!) what I am going to study in the scriptures every night, and goals for the week. I feel less overwhelmed knowing it is written down and I feel like my days are more fulfilling.

I still make sure we have some down time but that feels important and is totally enjoyable-not boring.

I just really want to look back on my life and feel like I ENJOYED it. That even in the routine of things, I knew I was doing an important work and that I treated my mom role as the most meaningful thing I have ever done.